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Recycling in Atlanta

Why should we recycle? We all know that Recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills. But few know the economic impact that recycling has in our communities.

Computer Recycling AtlantaAt Peachtree Junk Removal, we take away a lot of items that garbage companies won’t take. We are proud to have saved thousand of pounds of computers, monitors and electronics from the local landfill. Items we recycle includes old appliances, scrap metal, computers, electronics, paper, copiers, cardboard, tires and more. You can feel good about using Peachtree Junk Removal because over 65% of the items we take away are recycled.

The Georgia Recycling Coalition tells us that the top two reasons to recycle lie in our economy. Manufacturing companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products. Perhaps more importantly, recycling creates jobs in the U.S. and is a $236 billion a year industry. More than 56,000 recycling and reuse enterprises employ 1.1 million workers nationwide. At the bottom of the page, we provide a few locations that accept recyclables from Electronics to Ink Cartridges to Batteries.

Did you know that the average North American discards seven and a half pounds of garbage every day? Most of this garbage goes into to landfills, where it’s compacted and buried. Let’s stop sending unnecessary waste to the landfills today. Call Peachtree Junk Removal 770-676-0810, and we will do the rest for a fair price with our professional uniformed crew.

Atlanta Community Recycling


Keep Atlanta Beautiful hosts two recycling centers each month that serve Atlanta and surrounding areas (no residency restrictions apply). Most items are free to drop off.  Fees apply on some items.

They accept the following Electronics Items: Personal Computers • Monitors • LCD Screen/Flat Screen Monitors • *TVs • VCRs • Radios • Stereos • DVD Players • Microwaves • Power Supplies • Banking Equipment •Telephones • Pagers • Networking Equipment • Laptops • Keyboards • Mice • Power Cables • Medical Equipment (Non-hazardous) • Printers • Copy Machines • Fax Machines • Cell Phones • Transformers • Scanners • Portable Electronic Devices • Servers • HUBs • Ink Cartridges • Toner Cartridges • Remotes •  Modems • Projectors • Cameras • Small Household Appliances • VHS tapes   For questions about drop offs call 404-249-5853.

1st Saturday each month 
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
2715 Peachtree Road, NE*
Atlanta, GA 30305
(Corner East Wesley and Bolling Roads)
2nd Saturday each month 
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Walden School
320 Irwin Street NE*
Atlanta, GA 30312
(Intersection J.W. Dobbs and Hilliard Streets.)

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Where is Our Service Area?

Peachtree Junk Removal services the Metro Atlanta, GA area.