Your Health Is Always Our Biggest Concern

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we want to keep our customers updated. We know many of you are home and anxious. One great way to take out that energy is to clean and declutter your home, especially here in the spring.

Our goal is to continue helping our community for as long as we are able to safely. We are a locally owned business and may be impacted differently by state and federal government mandates as they develop.

We are taking proactive steps to help keep you and our teams safe:

- Practicing social distancing. We make sure to maintain at least 6 ft of space during your service; we ask that you extend the same courtesy to our crew.
- Following guidelines from the CDC and WHO; while ensuring good hygiene practices, including proper and frequent hand washing.
- Using hand sanitizer as an additional precaution, and keeping disinfecting wipes in all of our trucks.
- Ensuring our teams are still wearing gloves, as per our standard practice.
- Enacting mandatory reporting and following government guidelines for self-quarantine should any team member come into close contact with anyone with COVID-19 or if they contract it themselves.

Steps you can take to help:

- Please do not schedule a service if you feel unwell.
- Tell us if you, or anyone in your immediate household, has been exposed to COVID-19.
- Greet us with a smile instead of a handshake.

As we continue to help through this time, we are still here and remain vigilant. If you have questions or suggestions, please call our office 770-676-0810.

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